About Us

Local Family Run Business Since 1980

Welch’s has been a family run business in the Olympia area for over 40 years. Ross Welch opened Welch’s in 1980 after moving to Olympia with his new wife. Alice. He had previously been a Field Factory Supervisor for Montgomery Ward traveling between 5 different states managing the service departments of their many stores. But he wanted to stick closer to home and his family so he decided to open up his own repair and reconditioned appliance store. Over the years the business has gone through several transitions but the dedication to quality has always remained.

Sadly, Ross passed away in 2012. His wife, Alice ran the business until 2019 when their granddaughter, Amanda became the third generation owner. Her and her husband, Taylor, now strive to carry on the tradition of providing our community with quality reconditioned appliances and reliable services.

The Team

  • Amanda

    Owner, 3rd Generation

  • Taylor

    Service Manager

  • Lindsey

    Sales Associate

  • Frank


  • Cris

    Sales Associate

  • Nick

    Delivery Services

  • Jacob


  • Nora